SICSA Cybersecurity Meetup

Friday 18 May 2012

Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh

There is some interest in setting up cross-theme SICSA activities, to see if there exist groups of SICSA researchers who might wish to collaborate beyond the existing SICSA research themes. One such topic area is "cybersecurity". We are therefore holding a meeting to gather together researchers interested in this theme.

Security is a wide topic, and might be interpreted differently by researchers from different themes. We therefore have a very wide definition of cybersecurity, and researchers in any of the following fields, and more, are welcome:

The goals of this meeting are to:


To maintain an interactive and informal atmosphere, participation in this initial meeting is restricted to 25 people. If you would like to attend, please e-mail a one-paragraph expression of interest to Tristan Henderson outlining: your related research interests; what you might hope to gain from, or contribute to, the meeting; and if you would like to give a talk. If you have any questions, then these can be directed at Tristan as well.

Important dates:


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