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 * [[http://www.homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/hleather/ | Hugh Leather (Edinburgh)]] - Optimising the Mobile Net  * [[http://www.homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/hleather/ | Hugh Leather (Edinburgh)]] - [[attachment:leather.pdf]] Optimising the Mobile Net

SCONE meeting, 08/02/2013

Attendance is free, contact Mahesh Marina < mmarina@inf.ed.ac.uk > to register.


School of Informatics, Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh, EH89AB

Talks will take place in room 4.31-4.32 on the 4th floor of the Informatics Forum.

Lunch, coffee breaks and poster session will take place in the Mini-Forum of the 4th floor.


Friday, 8 February 2013

1200-1300 Lunch and poster setup in 4th Floor Mini-Forum

1300-1445 Welcome and Session 1 (Room 4.31-4.32)

1445-1610 Coffee/Scone Break and Poster Session (4th Floor Mini-Forum)

1610-1730 Session 2 (Room 4.31-4.32)

How to get here

Informatics Forum is located in the central area (George Square) campus of Edinburgh University, opposite the Appleton Tower. See campus map here. Central area campus is about a 15min walk or a short taxi ride from the Edinburgh Waverley train station.


  1. Gorry Fairhurst (Aberdeen)
  2. Nazila Fough (Aberdeen)
  3. Nuruddeen Iya (Aberdeen)
  4. Fehmi Ben Abdesslem (Cambridge)
  5. Mike Just (Glasgow Caledonian)
  6. Gunes Kayacik (Glasgow Caledonian)
  7. Colin Perkins (Glasgow)
  8. Joseph S Sventek (Glasgow)
  9. Paul Harvey (Glasgow)
  10. Helier Waite (Glasgow)
  11. Posco Tso (Glasgow)
  12. Conor Cahir (Glasgow)
  13. Dimitrios Pezaros (Glasgow)
  14. Simon Jouet (Glasgow)
  15. Gubran Alkubati (Glasgow)
  16. Stephen Mc Quistin (Glasgow)
  17. Yi Yu (St Andrews)
  18. Chonlatee Khorakhun (St Andrews)
  19. Ditchaphong Phoomikiattisak (St Andrews)
  20. Saleem Bhatti (St Andrews)
  21. Oche O. Ejembi (St Andrews)
  22. Tristan Henderson (St Andrews)
  23. Bruce Simpson (St Andrews)
  24. Shantanu Pal (St Andrews)
  25. Colin Allison (St Andrews)
  26. Marwan Fayed (Stirling)
  27. Duncan Eastoe (Stirling)
  28. James Nightingale (West of Scotland)
  29. Tawfik Al Hadhrami (West of Scotland)
  30. Saleh Abdallah-Saleh (West of Scotland)
  31. Iheanyi Caleb Irondi (West of Scotland)
  32. Colin Arthur (Agilent Labs)
  33. Francisco Garcia (Agilent Labs)
  34. Luca Boccassi (Cisco Systems)
  35. Colin Benson (Cisco Systems)
  36. Mark Sutherland (Cisco Systems)
  37. Graham Mooney (Cisco Systems)
  38. Shufen Lui (Cisco Systems)
  39. Angus Lepper (Cisco Systems)
  40. Jan Novak (Cisco Systems)
  41. Michael Littlejohn (Cisco Systems)
  42. Olufemi Komolafe (Cisco Systems)
  43. Peter Morrow (Cisco Systems)
  44. Colin Docherty (Cisco Systems)
  45. Ribake Ikumoluyi (Cisco Systems)
  46. Harald Haas (Edinburgh)
  47. Peter Buneman (Edinburgh)
  48. Stratis Viglas (Edinburgh)
  49. Myungjin Lee (Edinburgh)
  50. Rik Sarkar (Edinburgh)
  51. Hugh Leather (Edinburgh)
  52. Volker Seeker (Edinburgh)
  53. Stephen Kyle (Edinburgh)
  54. Mahesh Marina (Edinburgh)
  55. Lito Kriara (Edinburgh)
  56. Arsham Farshad (Edinburgh)
  57. Valentin Radu (Edinburgh)
  58. Saravana Manickam (Edinburgh)
  59. Kostas Balampekos (Edinburgh)
  60. Dale Myers (Edinburgh)
  61. Iliyan Ivanov (Edinburgh)
  62. Georgi Zlatkov (Edinburgh)

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