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SCONE meeting, 26/04/2017

Attendance is free, contact Tristan Henderson < tnhh@st-andrews.ac.uk > to register.


Room 1.33, Jack Cole Building, School of Computer Science, University of St Andrews

How to get here

How to get to St Andrews. In short, get a train to Leuchars or Dundee and then the 99 bus (every 10-15 min). Alternatively if coming from Glasgow there is the X24 bus which can sometimes be quicker than the train/bus combo. The Jack Cole Building is number 16 on this map (the bus station is number 21 and is about a 5 min walk).

Tentative schedule

TBD. Probably something in the order of:

  • 1200-1300 lunch
  • 1300-1700 networking research stuff
  • 1700- pub + dinner


  1. Colin Allison, St Andrews
  2. Marwan Fayed, Stirling
  3. Mah-Rukh Fida, Edinburgh
  4. Tristan Henderson, St Andrews
  5. Mahesh Marina, Edinburgh
  6. Chris Norval, St Andrews
  7. Sidi Zhan, St Andrews

Contact Tristan Henderson for queries about this website.