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SCONE meeting, 27/11/2008

Venue: Room 423, Department of Computing Science, Sir Alwyn Williams Building, University of Glasgow

Time: 1330-1700


How to get here

Take the train to Glasgow Queen Street. On arrival, take the right-hand exit from the station (past the ticket office). On leaving the station you should see the entrance to Buchanan Street subway station immediately across the street. Take the subway to Hillhead. On leaving Hillhead station, turn right and walk along Byres Road to Great George Street. Turn right and walk up the hill past the Marks & Spencer, then turn right and walk along Lilybank Gardens. The Sir Alwyn Williams Building is at the far end of Lilybank Gardens, on the left.

Hillhead station is on the left of this campus map, the Sir Alwyn Williams Building is labelled D20.


  • Tristan Henderson, St Andrews
  • Greg Bigwood, St Andrews
  • Devan Rehunathan, St Andrews
  • Riaz Ul Amin, Glasgow
  • Robert Atkinson, Strathclyde
  • Tom Buggy, Glasgow Caledonian
  • Chadi Khirallah, Strathclyde
  • Joe Sventek, Glasgow
  • Stephen Strowes, Glasgow
  • Oliver Sharma, Glasgow
  • Alex Kouliousis, Glasgow
  • Ross Mcilroy, Glasgow
  • Gorry Fairhurst, Aberdeen
  • Nimbe Ewald, Aberdeen
  • Raffaello Secchi, Aberdeen
  • Alisdair Mcdiarmid, Strathclyde + 2 PhD students
  • Christos Tachtatzis, Strathclyde
  • Michael Park, Glasgow
  • Jorge Espi Aleman, Strathclyde
  • Konstantinos Komaitis, Strathclyde
  • Mino Bernardi, Edinburgh
  • Sofia Pediaditaki, Edinburgh
  • Martin Bateman, St Andrews
  • Martin Ellis, Glasgow
  • Saleem Bhatti, St Andrews
  • Sonia Panchen, InMon Corp

  • Stuart Johnston, InMon Corp

  • Mahesh Marina, Edinburgh
  • Iain Oliphant, Glasgow
  • Paul Harvey, Glasgow
  • Aminu Mohammed, Glasgow
  • Sara al Humoud, Glasgow
  • James Mathews, Edinburgh
  • Colin Arthur, Agilent
  • Qi Wang, University of the West of Scotland
  • Iain Parris, St Andrews
  • Colin Allison, St Andrews

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