SCONE meeting 05-11-2014


School of Informatics, Informatics Forum, University of Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

Talks will take place in room 4.31-4.32 on the 4th floor of the Informatics Forum.




12:00 – 13:00 Lunch

13:00 – 14:30 Session 1

  • Dimitris Pezaros, “Beyond SDN: High-speed, Converged, Flexible Management for Next Generation Networked Infrastructures”
  • Paul Patras, “Using Power-Hopping to Improve the Performance of Crowded Wi-Fi Networks”
  • Robert Clipsham, “Low level networking using the Rust programming language”
  • Nazila Fough, “Designing reliable circuit breakers for Internet video”

14:30 – 14:45 Break *

14:45-15:30 Joint session *

  • Yuchen
  • Students “interactive session”

15:30-17:00 Session 2

  • Rik Sarkar, “Robust context detection: Adaptive learning in mobile phones”
  • Althaff Mohideen, “The Rural PAWS model for “free” Internet service”
  • Ahmad Faisal Abidin, “Improved Traffic Prediction Accuracy in Public Transport Using Trusted Information in Social Networks”
  • Valentin Radu, “On the importance of context detection for crowdsourced mobile network measurements”
  • Alireza Pourranjbar, “Performance Evaluation of Large-Scale Resource-Bound Systems”

17:00 onwards at a nearby pub.*

N.B. Sessions marked * are joint with cybersec attendees.


  1. Marwan Fayed (Stirling)
  2. Tristan Henderson (St Andrews)
  3. Myungjin Lee (Edinburgh)
  4. Colin Perkins (Glasgow)
  5. Paul Patras (Edinburgh)
  6. Stephen McQuistin (Glasgow)
  7. Robert Clipsham (Glasgow)
  8. Davide Pinato (Edinburgh)
  9. Praveen Tammana (Edinburgh)
  10. Gorry Fairhurst (Aberdeen)
  11. Nazila Fough (Aberdeen)
  12. Galini Tsoukaneri (Edinburgh)
  13. Rik Sarkar (Edinburgh)
  14. Mah-rukh Fida (Edinburgh)
  15. Dimitris Pezaros (Glasgow)
  16. Ursula Challita (Edinburgh)
  17. Ahmad Faisal Abidin (Stirling)
  18. Saravana Manickam (Edinburgh)
  19. Thu Yein Win (Glasgow Caledonian)
  20. Sivaprakash Senapathi (Edinburgh)
  21. Valentin Radu (Edinburgh)
  22. Ditchaphong Phoomikiattisak (St Andrews)
  23. Alex Dawson (Edinburgh)
  24. Mark Sutherland (Cisco)
  25. Angus Lepper (Edinburgh)
  26. Luca Boccassi
  27. Hassan Hamdoun (Aberdeen)
  28. Alireza Pourranjbar (Edinburgh)
  29. Maria Astefanoaei (Edinburgh)
  30. Althaff Mohideen (Aberdeen)
  31. Mohamed Kassem (Edinburgh)