SCONE meeting 06-03-2020


School of Engineering, Room 213, Fraser Noble Building, University of Aberdeen, Bedford Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3UE.

How to get here

You can arrive by rail from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, and Inverness :


12:00 – 13:00 Buffet lunch

Presentations (20 mins + questions)

1. Offshore Communications & Next Generation Communications – Dave Hibberd (Proposals Engineer at RigNet)

  • Dave will walk through the recent history of offshore communications, the operational challenges of harsh, remote & marine environments and the role that LTE, 5G and industrial wireless systems including LoRA, WiFi & 802.15.4 are serving in providing novel solutions to these problems. He will investigate the operational changes, and savings that can be made to an installation offshore when connectivity is improved, with examples from in development and commissioned projects.

2. Measuring the IETF – Colin Perkins

3. QUIC over Satellite – Ana Custura

  • Ana will speak about the research performed under the European Space Agency’s Project on “QUIC over Satellite links” and explain the challenges and opportunities for effective communication over satellite systems when using the emerging IETF QUIC web transport protocol.

14:30 Coffee

15:00 Short Researcher Presentations (15 mins including questions)

  1. Malware & IPv6 Scanning Strategies – Vivian Band

  2. TBD
  3. TBD

16:00 Research Round Table (FN110)

  • An opportunity for each student or researcher to explain their own project or current research problem in a very short face-to-face setting.

16:45 News and Plans

17:00 Conclude

17:30 Visit to a pub in the centre of Aberdeen

Attendees List as of 25/Feb/2020

Please register online (see top of page).

  • Gorry Fairhurst (University of Aberdeen)
  • Ana Custura (University of Aberdeen)
  • Iain Learmonth (Tor Project)
  • Raffaello Secchi (University of Aberdeen)
  • Nazila Fough (RGU)
  • Samah Aqeel (RGU)
  • Tristan Henderson (St Andrews)
  • Saleem Bhatti (St Andrews)
  • Donald Robertson (St Andrews)
  • Ryo Yanagida (St Andrews)
  • Stephen McQuistin (University of Glasgow)
  • Stefanos Sagkriotis (University of Glasgow)
  • Vivian Band (University of Glasgow)
  • Colin Perkins (University of Glasgow)
  • Kyle Simpson (University of Glasgow)
  • Dimitrios Pezaros (University of Glasgow)
  • Mircea Lordache (University of Glasgow)
  • Daniel Thomas (University of Strathclyde)
  • Paul Patras (University of Edinburgh)
  • Alec Diallo (University of Edinburgh)
  • Haoyu Liu (University of Edinburgh)
  • Haruna Umar Adoga (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sonia Panchen (
  • Stuart Johnston (
  • Yini Fang