SCONE meeting 06-11-2019


School of Computing Science

Jack Cole Building, North Haugh (Click for directions.)

University of St Andrews

St Andrews KY16 9SX

How to get here

By Train: Take the train to Leuchars Station (note that there are 55 min non-stops from Edinburgh, as well as 1:10h milk runs). Busses leave to St Andrews every 10 mins or more; taxis are ~£7-8 and recommended for parties of 2 or more. From London there are a few direct trains from KGX every day, o/w change at Edinburgh.

By Plane: Fly to Edinburgh then, unfortunately, a few change points from there — tram or bus (‘Airport 100’) to Haymarket Station, and then follow train directions (above).

By Bus: The inter-city bus arrives at the St Andrews bus station, approx. 3-400m from the School.


12:10-13:00 – Lunch

13:00-13:1005 – Welcome

13:05-13:45 – Joel Obstfeld (Cisco Systems)

13:45-14:30 – Student Talks

  • Mihail Yanev (Glasgow), “Investigating TCP’s transport parameters for DASH”
  • Ryo Yanagida (St Andrews), “Seamless Internet connectivity for ubiquitous communication”
  • Kaushal Kumar (Stirling), “Improving communication of Low Power and Lossy Communication Devices in IoT”

14:30-14:45 – Break

14:45-15:45 – Rapid-fire Staff Talks

  • Saleem Bhatti (St Andrews)
  • Paul Patras (Edinburgh)
  • Colin Perkins (Glasgow)
  • Gorry Fairhurst (Aberdeen)

15:45-16:45 – Breakout sessions with Cisco and wrap-up

17:00- Pub


  1. Marwan Fayed (St Andrews)
  2. Roy Donaldson (Cisco)
  3. Mircea Iordache (Glasgow)
  4. Stephen McQuistin (Glasgow)

  5. Ryo Yanagida (St Andrews)
  6. Saleem Bhatti (St Andrews)
  7. Paul Patras (Edinburgh)
  8. Tristan Henderson (St Andrews)
  9. Kaushal Kumar (Stirling)
  10. Alec Diallo (Edinburgh)
  11. Yini Fang (Edinburgh)
  12. Donald Robertson (St Andrews)
  13. Janis Wong (St Andrews)
  14. Stefanos Sagkriotis (Glasgow)
  15. Colin Perkins (Glasgow)
  16. Chris Anagnostopoulos (Glasgow)
  17. Christopher Irvine (St Andrews)
  18. Mihail Yanev (Glasgow)
  19. Hanan Hindy (Abertay)
  20. Gorry Fairhurst (Aberdeen)
  21. Dimitrios Pezaros (Glasgow)
  22. Joel Obstfeld (Cisco)
  23. John Martin (Cisco)
  24. Mahesh Marina (Edinburgh)
  25. Ibrahim Alghamdi (Glasgow)
  26. Rik Sarkar (Edinburgh)
  27. Vivian Band (Glasgow)
  28. Iain Learmonth (Tor Project)
  29. Ana Custura (Aberdeen)
  30. Yousef Alhaizaey (Glasgow)
  31. Haoyu Liu (Edinburgh)