SCONE meeting 12-03-2009

Venue: IF-4.31/4.33, Informatics Forum, The University of Edinburgh

Time: 1300-1700


13:00 Introductions
13:10 (Invited Talk) The Complexities of Mobile WiMAX – Frankie Garcia, Agilent Labs
13:40 APR: A New Ad Hoc Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks – Nanjun Li, Edinburgh
14:00 Short talks

  • On the Use of Free-Space Optics in Specknets – James Mathews, Edinburgh
  • Proactive Route Optimization for Fast MIPv6 – Jorge Espi Aleman, Strathclyde

14:30 Coffee Break and Posters/Demos in MF2
15:00 Discussion session on what’s happening re Comms & Nets Strategy for Scotland, etc. led by Prof Saleem Bhatti (St Andrews). Slides_1, Slides_2
15:20 Digital DNA: Dynamic Performance Analysis of Security Devices and Oblivious Transfer Protocols – Prof William Buchanan, Napier
15:40 The Privacy Value Networks Project: Understanding Privacy and Identity – Fehmi Ben Abdesslem, St Andrews
16:00 Short talks

16:30 Statistical Sampling for Network Traffic Monitoring – Stuart Johnston, InMon
16:50 Prof Phil Wadler (Edinburgh) on SPLS
17:00 Closing statements, Edinburgh tour, pub, dinner

How to get here

Informatics Forum is located in the central area (George Square) campus of Edinburgh University, opposite the Appleton Tower. See campus map here. Central area campus is about a 15min walk or a short taxi ride from the Edinburgh Waverley train station. Walking directions from the Waverley station are here.


  • Saleem Bhatti, St Andrews
  • Fehmi Ben Abdesslem, St Andrews
  • Martin Bateman, St Andrews
  • Gregory Bigwood, St Andrews
  • Devan Rehunathan, St Andrews
  • Iain Parris, St Andrews
  • Iain Oliver, St Andrews
  • David Llamas, St Andrews
  • Alan Miller, St Andrews
  • Colin Perkins, Glasgow
  • Aminu Mohammed, Glasgow
  • Alexandros Koliousis, Glasgow
  • Ross McIlroy, Glasgow
  • Stephen D. Strowes, Glasgow
  • Oliver Sharma, Glasgow
  • Riaz Ul Amin, Glasgow
  • Iain Oliphant, Glasgow
  • Michael Park, Glasgow
  • Paul Harvey, Glasgow
  • Martin Ellis, Glasgow
  • Jorge Espi Aleman, Strathclyde
  • Christos Tachtatzis, Strathclyde
  • Robert Atkinson, Strathclyde
  • Raffaello Secchi, Aberdeen
  • Nimbe Ewald, Aberdeen
  • William Buchanan, Napier
  • Sara Bury, Lancaster
  • Frankie Garcia, Agilent Labs
  • Colin Arthur, Agilent Labs
  • Stuart Johnston, InMon
  • Scott Leishman, Cisco
  • Stephen McLaughlin, Edinburgh
  • Nanjun Li, Edinburgh
  • Nick Johnson, Edinburgh
  • Alexandra Pokhilko, Edinburgh
  • Shakir Ali, Edinburgh
  • Bjoern Franke, Edinburgh
  • James Mathews, Edinburgh
  • Luís Fabrício Wanderley Góes, Edinburgh
  • Mahesh Marina, Edinburgh
  • Mino Bernardi, Edinburgh
  • Sofia Pediaditaki, Edinburgh
  • Phillip Arrieta, Edinburgh
  • Jhair Tocancipa-Triana, Edinburgh