SCONE meeting 12-03-2019


School of Computing Science

Sir Alwyn Williams Building, room 422

University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8RZ

How to get here

Take the train to Glasgow Queen Street. On arrival, take the right-hand exit from the station (past the ticket office). On leaving the station you should see the entrance to Buchanan Street subway station immediately across the street. Take the subway to Hillhead. On leaving Hillhead station, turn right and walk along Byres Road to Great George Street. Turn right and walk up the hill past the Marks & Spencer, then turn right and walk along Lilybank Gardens. The Sir Alwyn Williams Building is at the far end of Lilybank Gardens, on the left.

Hillhead station is on the left of this campus map, the Sir Alwyn Williams Building is labelled D20.


Speaker: Blesson Varghese, Queen’s University Belfast

Title: “Future clouds and what it might mean for an end user”

Abstract: This talk will: (i) present the vision of decentralising Cloud resources under the fog/edge computing paradigm, (ii) highlight the complexities in managing resources at the edge of the network by accounting for context-aware offloading and multi-tenancy, and (iii) briefly discuss whether an end user can benefit from fog/edge computing.

Bio: Dr Blesson Varghese is a Lecturer in scalable computing at Queen’s University Belfast and an Honorary Lecturer at the University of St Andrews. His recent research on context-aware management of edge resources reached the finals of the GSM Mobile World Congress 2019. He was the recipient of the Eaton Fellowship and the Santander Scholarship. He is an alumnus of the Felix scholarship and the Royal Society of Edinburgh Scottish Crucible. His interests is in tackling the system oriented challenges in developing state-of-the-art distributed Cloud-Edge systems that will make Internet applications more responsive.


12:00-12:50 – Lunch

12:50-13:00 – Welcome

13:00-13:10 – “The Human Data Interaction Network”, Matthew Chalmers (Univeristy of Glasgow)

13:10-15:00 – Talks

  • Keynote: “Future clouds and what it might mean for an end user”, Blesson Varghese (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • “Safely Measuring An Anonymity Network”, Iain Learmonth (Tor Project)
  • “Fairness with Streaming Video Applications”, Donald Robertson (University of St Andrews)
  • “From Design to the Real World: Enabling Visibility into Sensitive Environments to Enhance Security and Privacy”, Tariq Elahi (University of Edinburgh)

15:00-15:30 – Coffee & Scones

15:30-17:00 – Talks

  • “Make Operating Systems Fun Again”, Jeremy Singer (University of Glasgow)
  • “Multimodal deep learning for mobile and wearable devices”, Valentin Radu (University of Edinburgh)
  • “Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection Datasets Analysis and Limitations”, Hanan Hindy (Abertay University)
  • “Experience building a prototype 5G testbed”, Fox Foster (University of Edinburgh)
  • “How Interoperable are our Data”, Janis Wong (University of St Andrews)

17:00-17:30 – Community discussions / Announcements

17:30- Pub


  1. Dimitrios Pezaros (University of Glasgow)
  2. Jose Cano (University of Glasgow)
  3. Blesson Varghese (Queen’s University Belfast)
  4. Jeremy Singer (University of Glasgow)
  5. Paul Patras (University of Edinburgh)
  6. Xavier Bellekens (Abertay University)
  7. Christos Anagnostopoulos (Univeristy of Glasgow)
  8. Hanan Hindy (Abertay University)
  9. Mihail Yanev (University of Glasgow)
  10. Kyle Simpson (University of Glasgow)
  11. Nikos Ntarmos (University of Glasgow)
  12. Fox Foster (University of Edinburgh)
  13. Stefanos Sagkriotis (University of Glasgow)
  14. Mircea Iordache (University of Glasgow)
  15. Stephen McQuistin (University of Glasgow)
  16. Tariq Elahi (University of Edinburgh)
  17. Iain Learmonth (Tor Project)
  18. Ana Custura (University of Aberdeen)
  19. Nazila Fough (Robert Gordon University)
  20. Colin Perkins (University of Glasgow)
  21. Janis Wong (University of St Andrews)
  22. Chaoyun Zhang (University of Edinburgh)
  23. Valentin Radu (University of Edinburgh)
  24. Ibrahim Alghamdi (University of Glasgow)
  25. Matthew Chalmers (University of Glasgow)
  26. Donald Robertson (University of St Andrews)
  27. Marwan Fayed (University of St Andrews)
  28. Tristan Henderson (University of St Andrews)
  29. Rui Li (University of Edinburgh)