SCONE meeting 13-03-2014


Conference Centre Iris Murdoch Building (apparently it’s quite nice!)

It’s the right-most blue semi-circle on the campus map,

Gettng to campus


On Parking – it’s a pay and display park anywhere system, unfortunately.

Bus from train – From Stirling station, walk into town. Buses to Uni are opposite side of street (next to Gregg’s). Take UL, 54, 62, or 58.

Taxi from Station – ~£7 from Stirling, always taxis waiting. Much cheaper from Bridge of Allen, although no guarantee of waiting taxi.

See everyone soon!




1-1:30 Refreshment

1:30-1:40 Welcome

1:40-2:05 Sivaprakash (Siva) Senapathi*, Edinburgh

2:-5-2:30 Thu Yein Win*, GCU

2:30-2:50 Coffee Break

2:50-4:00 Student Round Table!

4:00-4:30 Blue Sky Discussion

4:40- Pub!


  1. Marwan Fayed, Stirling
  2. Posco Tso, Glasgow
  3. James Nightingale, UWS
  4. Sivaprakash (Siva) Senapathi*, Edinburgh
  5. Rik Sarkar, Edinburgh
  6. Mario Kolberg, Stirling
  7. Evan Magill, Stirling
  8. Colin Perkins, Glasgow
  9. Dimitrios Pezaros, Glasgow
  10. Alex Dawson, Edinburgh
  11. Panagiota ‘Yota’ Katsikouli, Edinburgh
  12. Saliha Minhas, Stirling
  13. Adedayo Bada, UWS
  14. Thu Yein Win*, GCU
  15. Iheanyi Caleb Irondi, UWS
  16. Kyle White, Glasgow
  17. Paul Jakma, Glasgow
  18. Simon Jouet, Glasgow
  19. Praveen Tammana, Edinburgh