SCONE meeting 14-09-2010


  • Lecture Theatre W-1, Cottrell Bldg, University of Stirling. Building map here (we are in the corridor marked ‘W’ next to the room clearly marked B4).

  • Those arriving to campus via bus or taxi will find themselves dropped off in Queen’s Court, entering the building from the north side. For those driving, parking is free and found on the south side of the building. Full arrival info available at the following link, with some of the more salient points following.

Arriving by Train

  • Taxi is about £6 to campus.
  • Direct buses to the campus are ‘UL’, 53, 153, and 62. Milk runs are 54 and 54A. Single fare is just under £2.
  • Train station is very nearby the bus station. Exit the train station, walk straight, into town centre, about 100m to the end of the street at the T-intersection. Turn right. Buses are uni-bound on the left side of the street.

Arriving by CityLink Bus (St Andrews bus, for example.)

  • I believe these stop on campus. Please ask your driver as I’m only 99% sure.


  • 13:00 to 17:00. Hang around after for dinner & drinks at Meadowpark, just off campus. Cross your fingers for a good day as they have a ‘beer garden’!


  • 13:00 – Welcome
  • 13:10 – Opening Speaker
    • Professor Huaglory Tianfield, Glasgow Caledonian, “Internet of Services.”
  • 13:40 – Invited Talks
    • Stuart Johnston and Sonia Panchen, InMon, “Performance Management for the Converged Datacentre.”

    • David Irvine, maidsafe, “Self Managing Networks.”

  • 14:40 – Tea/Coffee, and poster setup.
  • 15:00 – Poster Session (see below).
  • 16:00 – Practice / Prep Talks
    • Paul Harvey, Glasgow
    • Giacomo(Mino) Bernardi, Edinburgh
  • 16:40 – Off to the pub!


  1. Marwan Fayed, Stirling
  2. Mario Kolberg, Stirling
  3. Sonia Panchen, InMon Corp
  4. Stuart Johnston, InMon Corp
  5. Professor Ken Turner, Stirling
  6. Mike Just, Glasgow Caledonian
  7. Professor Huaglory Tianfield, Glasgow Caledonian
  8. Professor Saleem Bhatti, St Andrews
  9. Greg Bigwood, St Andrews
  10. Savio Dimatteo, St Andrews
  11. Tristan Henderson, St Andrews
  12. Iain Parris, St Andrews
  13. Yi Yu, St Andrews
  14. Sarai Shai, St Andrews
  15. Jamie Furness, Stirling
  16. Sean McIvor, Glasgow
  17. James Nightingale, West of Scotland
  18. Saleh Abdallah-Saleh, West of Scotland
  19. Kashif Khan, West of Scotland
  20. Dimitris Pezaros, Glasgow
  21. Martin Ellis, Glasgow
  22. Stephen Strowes, Glasgow
  23. Colin Perkins, Glasgow
  24. Mahesh Marina, Edinburgh
  25. Giacomo(Mino) Bernardi, Edinburgh
  26. Paul Harvey, Glasgow
  27. Jesse Blum, Stirling
  28. Sofia Pediaditaki, Edinburgh
  29. Arsham Farshad, Edinburgh
  30. Lito Kriara, Edinburgh


  • . Greg Bigwood, St Andrews
  • . Savio Dimatteo, St Andrews
  • . Iain Parris, St Andrews
  • . Yi Yu, St Andrews
  • . Jamie Furness, Stirling
  • . James Nightingale, West of Scotland
  • . Saleh Abdallah-Saleh, West of Scotland
  • . Kashif Khan, West of Scotland
  • . Martin Ellis, Glasgow
  • . Stephen Strowes, Glasgow